3 Most Popular Beard Styles

It is quite a  tricky thing for a man to choose the most suitable beard according to their face shape and style as it is vital if you want to look the best. It is almost known to every person that keeping the beard is the latest trend and by choosing the apt beard style you can enhance your personality.

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The major reason is, that a beard can make a man look more dominant as men with beard are seen as stronger, grown-up and more aggressive. Below is the brief introduction to three main kinds of beard styles that are widely popular:

  • Stubble – It refers to facial hair growth that can’t be categorized as definite beard and also known as 5 O’clock Shadow Beard. This beard utterly adds some manliness to your look, particularly if you don’t want to have the whole baby face look.

    It looks great with almost all hairdos’ and outfits. It looks grand if you have a short and simple hairstyle.
  • Full beard – The full beard is the classic way to go. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to achieve as not every man has the ability to grow one. If you’re a businessman or work in a smart environment, this is the beard for you.
  • Short beard – It is also known as a holiday beard. It makes a man look more in control and adds masculinity and authority to personality.  It can appear smart and rugged at the same time.

    This beard generally takes 1 to 2 weeks to grow. In order to sport this beard, you should trim it regularly so that the overall look remains consistent.

You may hop over to this site to read about more trending beard styles. It is very important that you decide and evaluate all the factors relevant in growing the beard as for growing beard you need to maintain it as well. Because only then you can achieve the desired result