A Beginner’s Guide To Japanese Whisky

Even though Japanese distilleries have been producing whisky for more than a decade, it is just a few years back when the western countries discovered Japan’s rich treasure.

Trust us folks, being introduced to Japanese whisky can be equated to a vacation for your taste buds. Oh! Yes, it is.

All of the ingredients used to prepare Japanese whisky are familiar, nothing is indifferent; still, there is a distinctive flavor that makes it stand out from the rest.

“Yamazaki 12” is one of the finest examples of a high-quality Japanese whisky.

Easy-drink Japanese whiskies

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Unless you are an avid whisky drinker it is hard to understand the right flavor, but no problem. This article is being written to guide such people.

Being a beginner, it is better to begin with easy-drinks to develop taste, so that gradually you can enjoy every sip you take of them.

To begin with, try the three most iconic, easy-drinking, and inexpensive Japanese whiskies. They are simply perfect for both novices and whisky aficionados:

• Yamazaki 12 Year Single Malt: This whisky is one of the internationally recognized single malt Japanese whiskies of all.

1. No wonder, it is a great drink to begin with.
2. Suntory’s Yamazaki 12 Year old whisky flavor is classified as woody, with hints of cedar, almond and vanilla bean.
3. It is counted as Japan’s groundbreaking whiskies that are on the market since 1984.

• Hibiki 12 Yr Blended: Hibiki is probably the second most well-known name from Suntory.


1. Hibiki is a fine blend of Yamazaki and Hakushu malt whiskies, and yes of grain whisky from Chita, and is partially aged in umeshu barrels (Japanese “plum” wine).
2. You can find out more about HIBIKI whisky from online sources also.

• Nikka ‘The Barrel: A list of easy-drinking Japanese whiskies is incomplete without – Nikka.

1. Basically, all the Nikka whiskies are considered more mannish and boggy likened to Suntory whiskies.
2. Nikka ‘The Barrel is also “woody” in fragrance, with hints of oak, candied citrus, and vanilla.
3. It is quite affordable, smooth in taste, and yes it carries a beautiful no age statement blend of single casks from Nikka.