Art of Makeup And Eyelash Extensions

Women have been wearing makeup for thousands of years because it was found that makeup can highlight their best features, hide blemishes and make the face look clearer and more feminine overall. You can also buy mink false lashes for stylish eyes.

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Makeup is made using any material that can do work including juices from certain plants. Makeup has come a long way since that time and now, there are various kinds of products and ways to "dress" a woman's face and a wide variety of materials so you can choose what you want from makeup made from.

Especially, women use foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. The foundation is used to hide blemishes, make skin look brighter and healthier and even skin tone. Blush is used to remove cheekbones and make the face look smoother with a little color. Eye shadow is used to make the eyes erupt or highlight the natural eye color.

Mascara is used to making the lashes look longer and thicker and make the eyes look brighter and more visible. Eyeliner is used to coat the eye and determine its shape. Of course, this is only the basics of makeup and there are hundreds of other products that play their own role in presenting features. Bronzers, primers, and powders are just a few of the products available.