Bath Bomb Recipes – Best Idea For Kids Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for your lovely kids is not easy but there are still ideas that can fall in your budget, just like bath bombs making party ideas.

You can trust me your kids are going to love this idea. This idea will prove to be one of the best spa party ideas of all.

In fact, bath bombs are pretty easy to make. They can be made from very simple constituents (ingredients) that can be found easily in every supermarket or chemists.

In this article I have placed some amazing bath bombs making recipes, just for you.

bath bombs

Here is the list of ingredients to be used in making hygienic bath bombs:

• Citric acid
• Baking soda
• Essential oils
• Colourants

Now is the time to prepare basic bath bombs all by yourself, just follow the steps, mentioned below:

• Take 1 cup of citric acid
• Baking soda – 2 cups.
• Essential oils – 20-30 drops (depending on strength of aroma).
• Food colorant
• Use witch hazel or small amount of water to mix all the ingredients.


• At first, mix all the ingredients except essential oils and witch hazel into fine powder. If you have a strainer, it will certainly help you in making sure that you are able to thoroughly mix all the ingredients.
• After that slowly mix dry colour pigment at the same time at this stage too.
• Soon after that add essential oils until you get your preferred strength.
• In the end, add water.
• You can entirely substitute the mixer with witch hazel or mix in a spray bottle.
• Spray witch hazel slowly, but be rapid so that the blend doesn’t start to fizz.
• Try and get the consistency of wet sand, powdery but will fix together when dense. You can collect more ideas on bath bombs recipes from various online sources.
• Take the mixer in your hand in the form of small dowe and press it tightly into your hands as softly as you can and leave it for a few minutes.
• After around 3-4 hours, get you new bath bomb out of the mould and leave it again to set for at least around 48 hours, keeping it away from direct sunlight.
• SO……There you are, your first fun, fizzy bath bombs is ready!!!!!