A Comparison Between Wooden Hangers And Wire Hangers

All hangers are not produced equal. The expert closet designers and organizers endorse wooden hangers over wire hangers. There are several reasons for this choice.

If you are getting a new closet or you are searching for ways to make your closet look lovelier, then read this article before buying hangers and other accessories for your closet. It can make a huge difference in the appearance and longevity of your wardrobe.

Wooden Hangers

Firstly, let us know about the disadvantages of using wire hangers. We all have got these at home or at stores. Wire hangers get twisted on the rod and get crossed over each other. Their shape gets ruined if they are put under the weight of clothing.

The twisted neck of the wire hanger can snag and tear the clothes. The metal scrapes across the hanging rod of the closet, making an awful noise. Wire hangers can damage your rod and leaves it uneven so that hangers do not slide over it anymore.

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So while using wire hangers, you will end up with wrinkled, cramped, damaged clothes and a closet bar that makes it difficult to push clothing around.

Comparatively, wooden hangers are far easier to work with. They have a thicker body than wire hangers so the hangers stay detached on the rod. They do not get tangled or crossed. Wood is much durable than wire, so even heavy clothes do not cause them to break or bend.

Boutique Hangers

Wood hangers keep your clothing safe. With the right polish, they won’t chip or crack. They come in a wide variety suitable for every kind of clothing. For instance, there are wooden pants hangers that are specially designed to hold your trousers so that they do not get wrinkled.

You need to consider few things while shopping for wooden hangers for your closet. First is the size. You can purchase them in kid’s sizes, woman’s sizes, or men’s sizes. Next, consider the type. There are different hangers for different clothing like suits, pants, dresses or skirts.

So, these were some facts that tell that wood hangers are better than wire hangers.