Connecting Your Office Computers With Intranet

Business organizations all over the world are choosing to use intranet as their big collaboration tool of accommodating their workplaces, employees and corporate teams. As we all know that strong collaboration is the principal source of a profitable or successful business, so it is very much essential that newly founded companies use good collaborative tools.

A good collaboration tool helps these companies to maintain their document management, records management or web management very easily. Over the globe, there are several firms like that provide various solutions to the intranet.

The days are gone when one employee in the company used to copy files in the CD or hard drive and then handed it over to the other employee. Today, organizations use a secure online network called intranets to share files, documents, important announcements, discussions and ideas immediately within the organization.

In simple words, you can say that every intranet helps the employees to complete their daily tasks easily. It also enables to carry out the team activities smoothly. Ultimately these things contribute a lot in the performance of the staff and the success of the company.

Valo intranet solutions are one such modern way of connecting your organization and often help to support the employee’s social life and make them feel a part of the company and to promote corporate values. Installing an intranet system provides your organization with your own private network. It helps in linking the computers with tools and applications to assist effective communication between the authorized members. It is almost similar to the internet and makes use of the same technology to operate.

Businesses and organizations install intranet solutions for the automatic sharing of information and for providing a central platform for work communication such as


These can be posted with automated alerts to all members for immediate viewing.


The log-ins of the employees can be tracked and also helps in access monitoring purposes.

Survey and polling

Management can also post opinion polls and surveys which cannot be ignored as it plays a vital

role in getting employee feedback. Click here for more info about why intranet usage is a must.