Different Types Of Pizza

Over the last few decades, pizza has become the quintessential New York food. People across the world love it and the most surprising thing you will find is just how much pizza has changed.

There are a lot of pizza restaurants across the country. But only some offer the best pizza in WNY. Don’t worry if you don’t know the best restaurant, you can just explore on the internet and consider the google rating to find out the best among all.

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Presently there is more than fifty pizza variety you can have, each with its unique flavor and aroma. Irrespective of the age, people just love to add this to their menu without wasting any time.

Since its origin, pizza has gone through numerous transformations to become the dish that so many people know and love today. From veg to getting meat stuffed such as chicken finger pizza all styles are being welcomed and loved by people.

But if you have a menu list in your hand listing a lot of pizza dishes, it can be difficult to decide what style of pizza you should order. Luckily for you, we discuss the different types of pizza, their history, so you can choose the best delicious slices for your hunger.

  • Chicago Pizza
  • Neapolitan Pizza
  • New York-style pizza

Here in this article we, will discuss the most delicious type of pizza that is New York-style pizza


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One of the most popular is the yummy, old-fashion New York-style pizza. The thin crust, a really nice tomato sauce, a blanket of cheese and the wide range of toppings, from pepperoni and sausage to mushroom and anchovies will give you a hunger satisfied experience that you will never forget.

And if you love to try some exciting food experiment, you can also enjoy some extra flavor by requesting them to add condiments, like oregano, red pepper flakes, Parmesan cheese, and garlic powder.

If you truly love toppings, then you can get the meat-lovers, which means getting ham, pepperoni, and sausage; or go with a veggie pizza, which has enough color and greenery to make you think you are eating a tossed salad.

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