Different types of used farm equipment

Many different kinds of equipment are required by the farmers to run their farms properly. So, leasing a used farm equipment is always beneficial as compared to buying a new equipment. Because buying a new equipment requires a lot of things whereas used farm machinery already has its insurance and servicing done.

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These farm equipment are used for various purposes like planting, irrigation, building, etc. Due to these machines, the farming work is done using machines rather than manually by the farmers.

Here are some of the used farm equipment:


The seeders are basically used to spread seeds into the ground. The type of seeders to be used totally depends on the type of soil, plant and land area. Disc seeders are also a type of seeder used on clay and clay loam soils and are also known as once-over seeders. These seeders place the seed in the ground really fast.

There is also a double disc seeder which is needed when you need to place the seed accurately into the soil but is not suitable for the hard soils.

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There are different types of machines available for irrigation purposes on the farm. Some of these are sprayers, pumps, tubing, etc. Transferring of water through the system to the desired field is only possible using the pumps.

Also, there are various types of sprinklers that provide water for irrigation. Watering cans are also used for smaller farm land.


Tractors are most widely used farm equipment used for towing, drawing and pulling heavy objects. There are several types of tractors available for different jobs. For the land management and landscaping, the compact utility tractor is used.  

There is also a tractor called garden tractor which is used to cut the grass, fertilizing and other tasks.

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All these kinds of farming equipment are available for leasing. So, rather than buying a farming equipment prefer leasing a used farm equipment.