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Discount Digital Camera Batteries, CANON, KONICA, JVC, SNOY, TOSHIBA Digital Camera Batteries offers a wide selection of replacement digital camera batteries for the leading manufacturers of digital camera including ACER, HP, CANON, SONY, SAMSUNG, KODAK, PANASONIC, nd others. If you need assistance locating your digital camera chargers, please contact us and we will find the right battery for you.

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Difference Between Lithium and Li-ion Batteries for Digital Cameras.

Lithium and alkaline camera batteries are primary batteries and only designed for single use. Primary camera batteries cannot be recharged. Although the average cost-per-use will exceed the cost of rechargeables, they benefit from better single use performance and low self-discharge characteristics. Low self-discharge means that it can be store for extended period of time without losing its voltage or capacity.
Li-Ion and NiMH camera batteries are considered secondary batteries, which means that it can be recharged with its designated camper battery chargers. Heavy users such as professionals and avid enthusiasts will benefit from the economic cost-per-use value of rechargeable battery packs. However, rechargeable camera batteries will perform considerably less in comparison to its brethren primary batteries. Another benefit to rechargeable camera batteries is the benefit to the environment.

The History of Digital Camera

One of the first digital cameras was SONY ProMavica MVC-5000. It has appeared in 1989. The word “MAVICA” stands for Magnetic Video Camera. The camera worked as follows: it recorded images as magnetic impulses on a compact 2-inch still-video floppy disk. The images were captured on the disk by using two CCD (charge-coupled device) chips. One chip stored luminance information and the other separately recorded the chrominance information. This camera provided a 720,000-pixel image. The images could be stored on the floppy disk either in Frame or Field mode. When Frame was selected, each picture was recorded on two tracks and up to 25 images … more

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