Why Are Equine Supplement Essential For Horse?

Owning a horse can be a lot of work. A person who lives in a barn can keep a horse. There is no way that you can keep a horse in an urban location.

Horse care is not an easy thing to do. Horse caring requires more than your average feeding and washing. You should have a good knowledge of equine supplements and horse nutrition to sustain your horse’s health and stamina.

These supplements have a higher requirement if your horse is used for running daily tasks every day. You should pay attention to your horse’s health as the one is the large animal which require a great amount of food, water and another form of sustenance.


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Both equine supplements and nutrition are required to make sure that your horse performs at its optimum level. Horses are a very active animal and they burn a lot of energy when they move. One should understand the feeding habit of the horse. They need more than what grass and hay can provide.

In order to enhance and maintain good eyesight, carrot is proven to be an effective diet for a horse. You should feed your horse three times a day. This is applicable if the horse is kept in stall and is fed with a commercially prepared pellet. Most likely you need to do this if you are in the city. You don’t need to feed your horse three times a day if you like an open field and a lot of grass are available there.



A horse consumes a total of about 4% of its body weight. But this is only an average. You should ask an equine veterinarian regarding the amount of food you should give. As each horse has a different need and only a professional can determine that how much you should feed according to age and weight.

You can also use the equine supplement in form of soluble vitamins. To know more about it click here.