Fireworks And Sparklers Are A Big Part Of Our Celebration

The big sparkling fireworks exploding in the sky, making colorful trails of firelight and sparkle just blow our mind away. We forget all our sorrows and hurdles of life, watching those glowing embers in the night sky. Events like weddings or the new years eve are hard to imagine without the fireworks.

Fireworks and sparklers were first developed in ancient China. Originally they were invented to scare away the evil spirits, but soon they became popular among the royal and rich people to celebrate big events. They became available to the common people in the 14th century. Today fireworks are a major part of our celebrations.

A current trend today is leaning toward sparklers and fireworks for weddings. Fireworks today come in many different varieties, construction materials and effects. New to the marketplace, recently companies have added colored sparklers in their inventories and are selling these fireworks novelties to wedding planners.

The most popular form of fireworks are sparklers, a small stick type firework that can be handheld. Before the sparklers came into the market, people used to see the sparklers in the sky, but these gave them a chance to see the sparklers from a close range and even wave or run with them.

Due to the affordable price and ease of use, sparklers became the most popular of all fireworks. They are mostly used by children at events like Independence Day celebrations, new years eve and during bonfire night.

Since the invention of sparklers, they have evolved to fit into our more common celebration events like birthdays and weddings. Today’s sparklers are much safer than their previous versions and can be used with little concern.

Still, as it is a burning material, some precautions are required, especially when children are using them. You can visit here to have a look at the precautionary measures that should be taken during the use of sparklers or fireworks.