A Guide To Best Pallet Wrapping Machine

Most of the shippers in shipping industry prefer to wrap pallets in shrink wraps to make sure the product stays stable during the shipment. The shrink wrapper reduces the risk of damage to the product by keeping it stable.

There are several ways of wrapping the pallets. But the most popular pallet wrapping methods is by using rotary tower pallet shrink wrapping machine. The benefits of a rotary tower pallet are:-

No Load weight Limit

This machine is the most popular as it can wrap pallets that other pallet wrapping machines are unable to wrap due to a number of reasons.

The turntable machines are unable to wrap the pallets that exceed the weight capacity of the machine whereas the rotatory tower machine can wrap the pallet even if it has excessive weight because the pallet load is placed on the floor rather than on the machine which allows the machine to handle any sorts of load.

Easily wrap tall loads

The turntable machines can damage the tall loads, on the other hand, the rotary tower can wrap 80’’ tall loads easily. Light weighted loads can even fall on turntable machine but in the case of the rotary tower, the machine wraps the product by keeping it stable.

The loads which are unstable are also a big problem for the turntables and the rotary tower keeps the load stable which is the best way for unstable loads.

Entry Level Rotary machine

Entry level rotary tower machine is also available for the individuals who don’t feel the need of a large pallet wrapping machine. This is a semi-automatic machine which works at 12 RPM (rotations per minute). It can wrap load up to size 52″ x 52″ x 80″ H. It is available in three frames – the wall mounted frame, gantry frame, and the cantilevered frame.