High Fiber Bread- Good For Health?

Do you like eating bread?  If yes, then you should make sure that bread you eat is packed with health benefits or fillers. High fiber bread is made up with whole wheat or whole grains. It has extra fiber in the form of wheat bran, oat bran, soy or seeds.

The bread which is labeled as high fiber contains at least 4 grams of fiber per serving. This means one slice of bread contains this much amount of fiber. Switching from white bread to high fiber bread can prove to be beneficial for your body. There are various
Australian bakeries that supply high fiber bread.


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Due to the higher processing of bread, it is getting less nutritious. ‘Rustic’ bread is made up of complex carbohydrates. It is the advent of ‘white bread’. A higher level of fiber in bread helps in proper regulation of blood sugar and digestive system.

As a baker, it is important to know that mass production of bread requires hydrogenated fats. Hydrogenated fats are combined with other additives and preservatives for bread production.

You can easily find high fiber bread in the lock bakeries or grocery store. Most of the
bread manufacturers offer high fiber alternative in the bread product. High fiber bread has thicker crust in comparison to white bread.


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There are many products in the bakery that have high fiber. Most of the bread and rolls in the supermarket are labeled as wheat, rye multigrain or pumpernickel.


You can also find white bread with the label of whole grain. This means that bread is made up of white flour that further contains a remnant of the grain.  You can check this out to get more information related to bakeries.


If you want to keep yourself fit add high fiber or whole wheat bread to your diet.