History Of Modern Surfboards

Have you ever thought how your surfboard was established and what kind of surfing people do in ancient time? These questions can be answered by taking the dynamic history of surfboard into consideration.

Surfing is an adventurous game. It’s a hobby for average surfers and an amazing passion for the ones who are skilled enough. The riding, the styles and the techniques or methods of cutting the waves offers a great feeling to the surfers.

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History of surfboard hit back in the 17th Century when the surfing in Hawaii region was considered as a spiritual activity of chiefs and leaders of the village rather than a recreational activity.

They resolved different conflicts and made several decisions based on the waves generated. These people believed that the gods are there with the waves which help them in decision-making.

Solid Redwood Surfboards

These surfboards were used by the chiefs and are made of solid redwood. The sizes of these wood surfboards range from 10 to 16 ft. and weighs between 77 and 200 pounds.

They are indeed heavy as compared to the average surfboard used nowadays. But for chiefs, these were designed to fit for a King position.

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There are two types of solid redwood surfboards which are made by the Surfboard Manufacturers namely Olo surfboards designed for chiefs and rich people and Alaia designed for ordinary people.

The size of these surfboards decides the rank of the surfers. In this way, people can know the status of a person within their place.

Hollow Surfboards

These boards are also made up of redwood but are lighter than the solid redwoods surfboards. Their weight is not more than 100 pounds. These surfboards are also available as wholesale paddle boards that are popular among the average surfers.

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However, the idea of using lighter woods such as balsa wood for making surfboards was widely accepted.