Home Waterproofing: What You Need To Check?

Prior to calling an expensive waterproofing contractor, you might like to take a look at this do-it-yourself checklist. This can aid you in finding out whether your water flow problems are causing because of inadequate waterproofing or something else.


Inspect and clean your gutters regularly. With time, even the best of roof drainage systems can become congested or create cracks in the seams due to the waterproofing troughs. To inspect your system, remove the dust, leaves and twigs from the path of the gutters.

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After that, run water through it using a garden hose. Do this for at least 10-15 minutes to make certain the water is passing through properly. If the issue persists, call forĀ waterproofing contractors of Sunshine Coast.


Check the slope of the grounds around the base of your house to be certain any water runs down and away from your house for at least a distance of 48″ to 60″. If the water doesn’t drain out properly, it may get accumulated and run back into the house causing mold and water damage difficulties.


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Check for any leaky faucets or valves beneath your bathrooms, sinks, etc. Take advantage of a flashlight and follow the water lines down throughout the house to the cellar. Remember to look at the pipes as they enter into the house.

If you find a problem anywhere, you must take necessary actions. Call the professionals of wet areas waterproofing who are expert in finding and solving problems regarding waterproofing in your residence or commercial projects.


Test for any rainwater difficulties. If you believe rainwater is running across the surface and reaching the bottom of your property, then you’ll have to grade your house. If it is not a grading issue, call to get professional assistance to get a perfect answer to your problem.