How to create stress-free end-of-day routine?

It’s very common to pass by a classroom at the end of the day and see children shouting, backpacks being tossed into the air or kids running around the classroom.

This kind of misbehavior often ensues before dismissal time because usually, the teacher gets careless with her classroom management plan.

By not leading your students and sticking to your classroom management plan, you are sending your students the wrong message which can have ramifications that go far beyond the last few minutes of class time.

That is why it is critical to creating an end of the daily routine where the children can wind down peacefully, and in a calm manner.

You can explore this link to know better dismissal process. 

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The end of the day is chaotic enough with the buses coming in, parents waiting to pick up their children and students hurrying to get home. The last thing that you want to do is add to the chaos. 

One can opt for several processes while managing the dismissal time to avoid hassles at this time. This saves you from stress in the end of the day

Instead of having students pack up right at dismissal time, do it well before it is time to leave. This will save your precious time.