How to Make Authentic Mexican Tacos

You will not find tacos made from beef in Mexico. However, the tacos are very simple to prepare. Tacos are arranged in several different ways, with a variety of fillings. In urban centers, beef, pork and chorizo (Mexican sausage) is the most popular.

Some Puestos (taco stands) sell tacos de Canastas (steamed) or tacos dorados (fried.) Tacos de Canastas usually made with beans or potatoes. The steaming process makes them more suitable as street food. They are seldom prepared and served at home.

Tacos dorados filled with meat, beans or potatoes and then fried. It is popular in homes and on the street. Taco beauty is that they can be filled with just about anything. There are many restaurants which provide American dishes and desserts.

All you need to make tacos are some of your favorite ingredients and corn tortillas. You can always use the remaining meat. If using beans or potatoes, it is common to mash them first.

For simple tacos, hot corn tortillas you in the frying pan, turning once. Do not burn. It only takes a few seconds. Place your filling in the tortilla and fold over. They are ready to serve and can be accompanied by salsa, avocado or cheese.

To prepare tacos dorados, you need to first heat the corn tortilla you. This makes it flexible and easy to work with. Secure with toothpicks or tweezers and fry in vegetable oil until crisp.