Importance Of Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures have become essential for swimming pool owners. Surely, you’d want to enjoy swimming in your own pool, no matter the extreme weather conditions.

There are four kinds of enclosures for swimming pool. Ordinarily, glass enclosures offer advantages such as having pool fences, heating your swimming pool, reducing energy costs and maintenance, reducing water evaporation, and more.

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The four types of enclosures are the Pool Igloo, Bubble Dome, Low Profile, and Full Height.

The Pool Igloo is versatile, light, and easily transported. It is also very easy to store as it does not utilize much space. Producers of Igloo kind of enclosures assure their clients it can be dismantled and assembled in half of an hour. It would also require a few minutes to store it on one side.

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The materials used in making Pool Igloo are fiberglass and stainless steel. The stainless steel is used to make the arches forming the structure. Additionally, there are reinforcements in key areas, and nylon zips on the entry point of the construction and on the doors and windows, if available.

Igloo pool keeps your pool free from fallen leaves, and other debris at a low cost. It’s one of the reasonably priced pool enclosures. However, on the opposite side, you’re not able to find the happenings outdoors. Or if you’re outside, you do not have an inkling into what goes on near the swimming pool.

The Bubble Domes may have used other terms like Dome enclosures or Air domes. These enclosures look like big bubbles. There’s a small fan that blows air into the structure to keep it vertical. It is held in place by a water bag running around in the bottom of the enclosure. Or, it might also be bolted to the ground by a cable.

There are many sizes available for bubble domes. The price too is competitive. But, on the other side, many don’t favor its look once mounted. To them, it is a large, ugly bubble structure.

The Low-Profile enclosures offer the obvious advantages of the larger enclosure structures for less. They’re also attractive in appearance. Low-profile enclosures are strong, and simple to operate. When it comes to efficiency in heat retention and absorption, low-profile has high ratings. Its only drawback, however, is it’s being a low-profile, which means that you can’t walk around the pool edges when it’s mounted.