Italian Cookies: A delicious and healthy snack to eat

Most of the people enjoy eating Italian cookies with their family while having a cup of tea during evening time.  

Bakeries prepare different kinds of Italian style cookies in varied flavours such as chocolate, orange, oatmeal and much more.

italian bakery

In comparison to adults, children are picky eaters, therefore, it becomes difficult for parents to make them eat food. Most of the children consider eating baked food whether it is cookies, cake pizza or pasta. The best part of the baked items is that children love eating these yummilicious items.

One can gift a box of Italian cookies to anyone as a token of thanks, love or a kind gesture on any special occasion. People will love receiving this delicious box of cookies filled with chocolate and nuts.

Note: Cookies are a healthy snack to eat. Don’t believe me, well below is the list of its health benefits. italian cookies

Here are some health benefits of baked food item:

Retains nutrients: Most of the water-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin B and Vitamin C retains inside cookies. Moreover, baking cause minimum loss of antioxidant property in green vegetable in comparison to deep frying and boiling.

Lower in fat: One of the benefits of baked food is that baked items use less or no oil which contributes to less level of fats in our body. There is no risk of fat decomposition in the body that help in weight management.

Reduced risk of heart attacks:  Most of the restaurants while cooking use partially hydrogenated oil which leads to heart attacks due to the trans fat found in them. Baking uses little or less oil, therefore, fewer chances of heart attacks.

Check out this to know about the best Italian cookies. Do try these cookies from the best bakers available in your area. Many nutritionists suggest that Cookies are ideal breakfast food item as they have limited sugar content. Less sugary item consumption means weight loss.