All About July’s Birthstone Studded Jewelry

In today’s world, one of the most eminent gemstones is Ruby stone and its name is derived from a Latin word “Rubrum” which means red color. Just like any other gemstone, it is believed to cure and protect you from evil and its ill effects. These days people buy these gemstones from the online store like

ruby July birthstone jewelry

It is a popular belief that it can cure you of various illnesses like blood and heart diseases. People in ancient times used to keep this stone for its positive effects as they believed it promotes a healthy mind and body.

The ruby is often associated with the emotions of love, passion, majesty, power, and anger. Rubies are also believed to open the heart, attract others, and overcome fear. They were also said to help predict the future if they change color or intensity.

ruby ring for july birthstone

The deep rich color of the ruby ranges from fiery orange-red to deep purple-red. This stone represents the birth month of July and is associated with several astrological birth signs such as Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Cancer.

This birthstone is composed of the mineral aluminum oxide which is widely identified by the name of corundum. Trace amounts of metallic impurities in the crystal structure of corundum gives the stunning red tint to this charming gemstone and the July birthstone jewelry looks stunning.

Apart from its color, certain varieties of Rubies have also gained prominence because of crystalline impurities within themselves.

ruby pendant

Women that are lucky enough to have a birth date that falls in July have the birthstone of a ruby, however many of us who were not born in July love the stone as well. Always in high demand, rubies remind us of love and passion because of their deep red color.

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