Learn How To Choose The Right Cars For Your Business With This Handy Guide

Nearly all businesses operate a fleet of vehicles. They include cars, vans, and, in some cases, semi-trucks for long-distance transport. Most models in your fleet will be passenger cars. Some might be small hatchbacks whereas others could be luxury sedans.

Did you know that more than half of those businesses choose the wrong vehicles for their fleet? When you lease a car, you have to keep it for the agreed period. Often, that’s three years. In some cases, you can hand the car back half-way through. But then you get faced with financial penalties for doing so! You can click here to get more information about it.

If you want to avoid the potential pitfalls associated with leasing cars for your business, today is your lucky day! The following tips and tricks will help you to make the right decisions for your company’s fleet.

Determine your needs

The first step to building a successful and cost-effective fleet is to identify your needs. What is it you need out of your vehicles? Of course, it would be unwise to have the same make and model for every car in your fleet! Let me explain:

  • Some employees will need premium cars that are pleasant to drive on long journeys. Salespeople and business executives will need those vehicles;
  • Others will need practical vehicles that seldom carry passengers. Panel vans or SUVs are a better option;
  • A few workers might need models that get used as “pool” cars for transporting several people to and from work each day. An MPV or minivan is the right choice.

Choose the right insurance

You might think that insuring your vehicles is just a case of finding a cheap quote online and insuring each model that way. But it makes sense to arrange a better insurance policy for your needs.

Websites like insure-fleet.co.uk can organize what’s known as “fleet insurance.” In a nutshell, it’s where you pay for one motor insurance policy. But you can add as many vehicles to it as you like. It’s an excellent option for companies that have a fleet of two or more vehicles.

Avoid gas guzzlers

Fancy getting the new Jaguar F-Type for your board of directors? Flaunting your wealth is one thing. But throwing it down the toilet is another! You can only remain profitable if you aren’t extravagant in your spending.

That’s why it makes sense to avoid gas guzzlers. In fact, the people that use the cars may get taxed on those vehicles! The less efficient an engine is, the more taxes for this “benefit in kind” you will have to pay!

These days car manufacturers produce models that are both fuel-efficient and powerful. Take the BMW 320d, for example. Or even the Tesla Model S! There is a plethora of models that can fulfil your need for speed without depleting your company’s bank account.

It’s likely that gas guzzlers will soon be a thing of the past. Today’s modern engines are becoming more efficient. That means you don’t have to spend so much time at the gas station. And that just makes good business sense!