Learning about Hydraulic cylinder- Operation, Part and Design

What is a hydraulic cylinder?

A hydraulic cylinder or you can say the hydraulic motor is a mechanical device that is used in various engineering vehicles. A hydraulic fluid is used by a hydraulic cylinder in order to produce a linear force or motion. There are many cases in which hydraulic cylinder are used in power transfer. When you decide to purchase such a product, you should take into consideration the following things such as:

  • Configuration
  • Operating specifications
  • Materials of construction

If you want to understand the operation of hydraulic cylinders than you should know what are transpires in the process. The presence of different components in such products results in proper functioning. You can easily check about industrial hydraulic supplies online.


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The main parts of hydraulic cylinder are:

  •    Cylindrical Barrel
  •    Piston rod

What is the cylinder barrel?

Cylinder barrel is an area in which a piston makes back and forth movements.   This part is closed by cap end.

What is the design Of hydraulic cylinders?

Hydraulic cylinders have basically two different styles. Among the first one is known as the tie rod cylinder. These hydraulic cylinders make use of strengthened and threaded steel rods for connecting the end caps with cylinder barrel.  This kind of hydraulic cylinders is quite popular in factories.

hydraulic cylinder

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The most popular design in such kind of cylinder is:

  •    Small bore cylinders that have typical 4 tie rods
  •    Large bore cylinders that have 16 tie rods so that it can function properly

Similarly, tie rod design is the other design of hydraulic cylinder. This is also known as welded body cylinder. Here the barrel and the end caps are welded in order whereas ports are connected via welding process in the cylinder barrel. You can check this out for more information related to hydraulic cylinders. 

These designs are of great benefit in various equipment such as bulldozers, excavators and road graders. It is also used in forklift trucks for material handling purpose.