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Extend Your Cellular Phone Battery Standby and Talktime

There are a few things you can do that will reduce cellular battery consumption, thus allowing more standby and ttalk timebetween charges. Never leave your cell phone close to a heat source or in a vehicle on hot days.
Other ways for extending cell phone battery life is by getting rid of the sound your cell phone makes when you press a key. You should find how to do that in your phone’s settings. Use a ring tone instead of the vibration alarm whenever possible, since ring tones drain less energy.

How long should my batteries last?

Standby time: Standby time is when the phone is ON, but not “IN USE.” Standby times vary from phone to phone and are dependent upon type of battery (NiCAD, NiMH, LiON), type of phone, and individual charging habits.

Talk time: Talk time is when the phone is IN USE. Again, times are vary with batteries, phones, and charging habits.
Extend your mobile phone’s battery life

There’s little in life more frustrating than having your mobile phone run out of battery in the middle of the day, when you’ve left your charger at home. But you don’t just have to accept this — follow these simple tips to extend your phone’s battery life and avoid being caught short.

Tip 1: Features and settings
Turn off your Bluetooth when you’re not using it
Keep it plain and keep it quiet
Watch out for GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi
Use your phone sparingly and turn it off when you don’t need it
Lower your screen’s brightness

Tip 2: Signal strength
If your phone is constantly straining to find a network signal it will use more power than if it’s not. When your phone is in an area with poor network coverage it will use more power to force a connection with the nearest mobile mast base station. Because of this, it’s best not to leave your phone in areas of the office or house where the signal is poor. Also, when you make a call, try to make sure that you have three or more bars of signal on your phone.
If you’re underground or in another area with no signal, turn your phone off. Turn it on again when you know you’ll have a signal, or turn it on every now and then to check.
In summary:
Make sure your phone has a good signal even when you’re not using it
If you need to make a call, try and find an area with as strong a signal as possible
Turn your phone off if you’re in an area with no signal for a long period of time

Tip 3: Understand your battery
Don’t let the battery run flat too often and apply regular charges
Keep the battery cool and don’t leave it in the sun
After about two years buy a new battery for your mobile phone

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