Nail Paints For Adding Style To The Nail

Most of the girls love applying nail paint on their nails. If you apply nail paint on your nail you will find that a swipe of color is added on your nail. It will add a new dimension to your style. Nail arts are quite popular among girls these days.  You can find nail art video on online sites.

You can have a look at   to find different nail polish type.  This is the most effective way to get various nail styling choices.  

nail paint

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While dressing for a party or a social gathering you can always color your nails with nail paint. Gel-gloss and normal nail polish can be applied on nails. Nail polish makes your nails more presentable. The Gel-gloss used to paint the nail differs in composition.

Nails paints available in the market are mentioned below:


One can easily find different finishes in nail polishes. The nail paints vary from matte ones to glittery ones.  The matte style of nail paint does not have shine. They give a flat appearance to the nail. Such nail paints are the most classic one. If you love the classic look then these nail paints should be preferred.

If you choose cream and pearl finishes then you need to know that these paints have a little shimmer. Love that shimmery effect then select these nail paints. Vegan nail polish gives add a glamorous look to your nails.

nail paint

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Top Coat

The top coat that is applied to the top of the nails is known as a top coating. You can consider it as one of the finest ways to prevent nail chipping.  It is another way to add shine to your paint.

Base Coat

Base coat application should be applied before applying nail paint. It is the finest way to prevent nail discoloration. Use base coat if you want colorless finishes. Base coat you select should have strengthening elements.