All You Need To know About Hemp Seeds

We receive a gift from nature i.e. Hemp seed. The most nutritious seed in the world is Hemp seed. These seeds are rich in protein. Soy is also rich in protein but there are many problems with soy like soy has an excess of estrogen which inhibits the consumption of nutrients and can drastically reduce your attempts to become healthier.

Soy is known as a miracle vegetarian food, but the reality is different. Soy is hurting people. Hemp seed is a perfect food. Hemp seed has high-quality nutrients and it has a little to no drawbacks.

Hemp Seeds

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You can include hemp seed in your diet many ways. You can have hemp seed as a plain food. You can mix hemp seed with other food as well like curd, cream, cereal. In the market, hemp seeds are also available in the form of hemp protein powder.

· Hemp seed contains needed fatty acids with Omega 3, 6 and GLA in the perfect balance.
· Hemp seed contains more protein than meat, eggs, cow’s milk or any other food.
· Hemp seeds are also rich in Vitamin E.

Hemp Seeds benefits

· Hemp seed help to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.
· Hemp seed help in fast recovery from disease, from injury, from radiation treatment.
· Hemp seed help to increase your immunity.

The company that manufacture the hemp seed protein powder controls the amount of protein in hemp protein powder. One can also take hemp protein powder that has extra protein and fiber. Someone who is trying to gain wait should go with extra protein while someone who is trying to lose weight should go with less protein and fiber.

Hemp Seeds protein powder

Hemp is a nutritious product and you can have it in many ways. Hemp seed has no side effects. Hemp is a raw food you cannot have too much hemp seed.

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