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E-store.net.au offers a wide selection of replacement power tool batteries for the leading manufacturers of power tools including Bosch, Firestorm, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Panasonic, and others. If you need assistance locating your Power tool batteries, please contact us and we will find the right battery for you.

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How to Rebuild Cordless Power Tool Batteries?
The batteries on cordless power tools are usually the first part to fail. If you’ve ever priced a replacement battery pack, you’ll know that it is probably not a cost-effective purchase. Most people would rather buy a new tool than spending over half the price of a new tool on a replacement battery pack. The best option might be to rebuild the batteries, but only if you have some experience using a soldering iron.

1. Remove the battery pack from your cordless tool. Unscrew the screws holding the battery case together. Open the battery case. Remove the battery cells–they will all be wired together as a unit.

2. Draw a rough diagram of the battery cells on paper, noting the negative (-) and positive (+) terminals of each battery cell, and how each terminal is connected with wires.

3. Remove the connecting wires by holding them with pliers while melting the solder that holds the wire to the battery terminals, using a soldering iron.

4. Align the new battery cells correctly, according to your diagram. Solder all the connecting wires to the new battery cell terminals, according to your diagram. Work quickly so as not to overheat the batteries.

5. Slide the battery cells into one-half of the battery case. Replace the other half of the cover. Fasten the screws that hold the case together, using a screwdriver. Charge the battery pack overnight before using it with your cordless power tool.

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How to Charge a Cordless Power Tool Battery?

Cordless power tools operate by using electricity drawn from a wall outlet and stored in rechargeable battery cells. Energy is transferred from the outlet to the battery through the use of a battery charger that plugs into the outlet. To get the most power and longest possible working time out of your cordless power tool, you should fully charge the battery after each use.

Disengage the throttle or activation switch on your tool; allow the motor and all moving parts to come to a complete stop.

Remove the power tools battery from the tool. Refer to your tool’s operation manual for instructions regarding how to remove the battery.

Set the battery aside and allow it to cool for 10 to 15 minutes to avoid overheating the battery during the charging process.

Plug the tool’s battery charger into an active wall outlet. Use the charger that came with your tool; if you do not have the tool’s original battery charger, be sure to use a charger that matches the voltage of your battery. Consult your operation manual or your tool’s manufacturer to determine the proper voltage rating for your battery and charger. Mismatching the voltages of a battery and charger can result in poor battery performance, damage the battery or create an electrical fire.

Insert the battery into the charger. Verify that the battery is charging; if the light on your charger is red, the battery is currently charging.

You will know that the battery is fully charged when the light on the charger turns green.Remove the battery from the charger, unplug the charger and insert the battery into your cordless tool.