Purpose of a Title Company

What is the Title Company? First, you should know what actually Title Company is? Title Company is a company that checks the property title to any liens, fix the problem, and facilitate the smooth closure of the property while ensuring that the purchase is processed correctly.

After identifying all the parties to the transaction, the title company does a title search. This is very important. You can get the best national default title services at bay national title company.

Just as said above, this is ultimately where the title of the property title company checks for any claims or liens that may have an adverse effect on the actual closing.

You should always make sure that you get a "free and clear" title before you purchase a home. Any liens against the property, such as mechanics liens, second mortgages, tax returns, etc. are paid off or that the debt forgiven by the lien holder.

Although the lien resulting from sellers and their responsibility to care for them, the buyer does not have to buy a home without the title of "free and clear".

After the transfer of the deed from the seller to the buyer, the buyer is legally considered to Home Owner and responsible for taking care of 1 Lien (Mortgage), as well as other liens against the property. It does not make too much sense to do a title search after you buy a home.