How Do You Stick To Your Diet Even In Social Events?

Eating healthy when dining out at social parties, receptions and family gatherings can be a challenging experience when you are trying to balance healthy foods with foods high in salt, fat and sugar. Selecting heart-healthy food is not always easy because you have no control over food preparation by others.

Selecting healthier food choices is possible. You can control portion sizes and calories when selecting the food from the buffet. With a sound plan of attack, you can enjoy Ann Arbour healthy food and still face your food log or scale with a clear conscience.

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In this article, we will discuss how do you stick to your diet even in a social event in great detail.

  • Never arrive hungry

Hunger will weaken your resolve. The best approach is to eat before you go like snack or mini-meal that light, filling and healthy. Taking the edge off your appetite by eating a piece of fruit, a low-fat yoghurt, soup or a salad before leaving home.

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  • Be polite but firm when turning down food

First, say “thank you” and say “not right now” or “maybe later”. If you are not sure how to politely turn down your hostess’s carefully chooses goodies, do some role-playing with a trusted friend, colleague or the minor.

  • Avoid Temptation

When you first enter a room, take note of where the buffet table, bar and dessert tables are and try to avoid them. Even if you see something tasty on someone else plate, you have to navigate across the healthy restaurant in the Farmington side in order to give you more time to reconsider.

  • Invite a healthy diet date

Attend your special event with someone who can support you in your diet. Invite someone who will reinforce and cheer you on as you make a healthier choice.

Eating healthy with your loved ones
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  • Manage your overall calendar

For some people, eating events seem to pile up like a car in rush hour. Experts emphasize that you have control over all of this. Not only which event you attend, but what you do at those events and what you do in your non-event time.  Focus on the events and activities around food and exercise that you can control.

Knowing that you have control over your diet is very important; even at a social event. You remain the master of your meal plan. Just remember that what you eat before you go and whom you invite to go with you could make the difference between a diet-friendly experience and diet disaster. Check out here to learn what could you eat when dining out if you are suffering from PMS in great detail.