Talking About Getting Our Roof Repaired

It must have been either old age or that freaking storm that damaged it in the first place. Jeez, talk about a bummer. Just when we can relax that we do not need to spend on anything this month, this happens. If only that freaking roof was indestructible. Enough that it could even withstand a damn bomb. Oh well, we will just need to settle with Louisville roof repair.

Thankfully though, it does not seem like it was that bad. It can be easily repaired in less than a day and while we are at it, we might as well just repair everything else in the house so we do to have anything to worry about in the coming future.

That way we would not need to worry about spending our money on anything slightly unnecessary. We were looking forward to actually buying that brand new Origin Desktop, you know? Those things are really amazing but massively expensive.

Of course, we would need to start saving it just so we could get our hands on it. And then we can go back to watching anime, playing games and looking at memes on that overpowered computer. But no, we need to cut back the savings and delay the purchasing just a bit all because of this stupid roof damage.

It sucks when you plans get fouled, you see. And it sucks all the same when you have to spend your hard earned money on high you really was not planning on purchasing. But we cannot help it and we need to do it anyway. It just is the world to be this much of an unpleasant person and for it to want us to suffer a bit more.

It really is wrecking our determination, you know? But we have to stay determined to actually want to buy the stuff that we have been wanting since it came out. Like the Nintendo Switch. And the games from Play Station as well as the Play Station itself.

We are not made of money so we cannot just buy them easily and not looking at the price tag like it meant nothing. If only we were that blessed and gifted. Maybe if we sell some of our organs we can achieve that kind of level? We doubt it. And we really do not recommend that kind of thing too.

All we have to do and rely on is ourselves and the work we do. Just so we can guarantee some kind of normalcy where we would not have to worry about starving for the next few weeks. Like what we are struggling with for the past few months. Jesus, we really have to step it up now.

But at least we do not have to worry about all those roofing problems since apartments tend to deal with that on their own. We just hope the landlord will not actually increase the pay for the monthly thing just for this. Since this is clearly within their responsibility. And if they do end up with charging us then we would rather kick them in the balls.