Travel Trailers For Camping Purpose

Camper trailers are like a big evolution for regular campers and for those people who love to camp with family and friends.

These camping trailers available in the market offer you the comfort of your own home along with recreational adventures.

Day by day, manufacturers of camper trailers put lot of efforts to make this small home on wheels more and more versatile so they suit your needs in many ways.

A camping trailer is nothing but an oversized tent trailer which is easily available and can be towed by bikes, and via any four wheeler easily.

kitchen in trailer

What I like about travel trailers is that they are fully equipped with all the modern amenities like bedroom, portable kitchen and few of them even have baths.

The kitchen area entices me more, because some of them have compact microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.

But camping trailers are slight different then travel trailers. Camping trailers are smaller in size and they are designed specifically for camping purpose only. Just like getaway-trailer. You can collect all the details allied to this trailer.

For your consideration here is a small list of small sized camping trailers:

Types Of Camper Trailers:

• Teardrop Trailers – They are just like their name, they are compact in size, light camper trailers that come in varied sizes. Some are just big enough to carry equipment; few of them have enough space in which 3 or more people can sleep. These trailers have a signature curved shape, kind of like a teardrop.

• Pop Up Trailers – This trailer is a basically a tent trailer, which can be expanded and unfolded to provide a lot of room. The base of the tent crinkles out to offer extension to the trailer base. They are quite easy to assemble, very comfortable, and frivolous. You can collect full details about camping trailers from various web sources.

camping trailers

• 5th Wheel Trailers – These trailers can’t be attached to the standard trailer hitch. They essentially attach to a purpose fitted hitch that is attached to the bed of a pick-up truck. These are better known as “5th wheel trailers” or a gooseneck hitches.

They mainly aid to allocate the trailer weight better and avert the trailer from tipping towards the back with the weight. These trailers are pretty spacious but they cannot be expanded, unfolded or collapsed like other trailers.