The Types Of Kitchen Worktop

A good kitchen has two mandatory features. It should be highly functional as well as visually appealing. Kitchen worktops can do magic to your kitchen, in terms of both functionality and decoration. Kitchen worktops are available in a huge variety of materials to suit different choices and requirements.

These kitchen worktops can be bought from a local retailer or reliable online stores like Stone Connection Work Surfaces. The following are some types of kitchen worktops materials that you may choose from:

A beautiful Kitchen Worktop


Wooden kitchen worktops give a classic look to your kitchen. They can be made from the wood of various trees, like oak, elm, birch, maple, teal, etc. One advantage of using these worktops is that they have anti-bacterial qualities, thus keeping your surface more hygienic. They are also durable in nature.


Laminate countertops are very reasonable and easily get fit into your budget. The finest quality laminate worktops have a solid build and are unaffected by stains. It is basically the lowest cost solution, available in different textures and colors.

Granite Kitchen Worktop


The granite worktops are very long-lasting and attractive in appearance. They offer a very smooth surface, which is resistant to heat. Granite comes in a big sheet which is then cut into slabs of the required size. After that, the edges are polished to enhance the overall look.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel worktops are usually used in commercial sectors like school, offices, hospitals and restaurants. These worktops help in giving your kitchen a clean and simple look. These stainless steel worktops are not limited to commercial buildings only, nowadays they are becoming popular in homes as well.


The trend of quartz kitchen work surfaces will never fade in the industry. Besides giving a royal look to your kitchen, they offer a durable, smooth and scratch-proof solid surface.