Types of store fixtures

It has been years that the store fixtures are used for visual display. The types of store fixtures are Slatwall fixtures, gridwall fixtures, gondola shelves, mannequins, etc. Through these fixtures, the customers can easily view the product.

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Several sizes and colours are available for Slatwall store fixture. Slatwall is also known as slatboard, Slatwall grooved board. Slatwall is used to display various items like clothes, accessories, etc. Several types of Slatwall store fixtures are panels, hooks, floor fixtures and acrylic displays, etc.

Hangers are also used for displaying clothes. Hangers are also of different types like wooden hangers, metal hangers and plastic hangers.

The display case is also a type of store fixture which provides security to your items. There are several styles of display cases like economy style and aluminum style display cases. Some other types of display cases are a special tower, countertop, oak cases, pedestal cases, custom fixtures.

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There are also some types of store fixtures available which are used for displaying the jewellery like necklace, bracelet, chain, etc. The materials used in store fixture of jewellery is acrylic, metal, and wood.

Some store fixtures namely gridwall panel and gridwall hooks are used either on the wall or on the floor of any store. You can customize these gridwall panels. Wire shelves, shelf bracelets, grid exhibit and mini-grid are included in gridwall store fixtures.

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The another type of store fixture is a shopping bag. White craft bags, tinted bags are types of shopping bags that are in trend nowadays. You can also visit this website to know more about the store fixtures.