Types Of Surgical Gloves Used By Surgeons

Surgical gloves are basically used by doctors while examining patients. These gloves are worn by a surgeon while performing operations to prevent virus and germs from infecting the body. These products are always bought in pairs and get thoroughly cleaned before it is packed by surgical supply company.

This article discusses the different types of surgical gloves that one can buy in the market. These gloves are classified according to the material utilized for producing them.

Latex Gloves: Most of the doctors prefer to wear latex gloves while performing an operation. As the name implies, it is basically produced from latex or rubber. This type of protecting gear has been used for a long time.

One of the most common reasons behind the demand for these latex gloves is that they offer excellent substantial sensitivity. This assures that the doctor can observe every part of patient’s body with the surgical gloves.

The another reason behind their popularity is that they are comfortable to the user. These gloves are extremely flexible and thus, doctor does not face any problem when putting them on. You can go for another option only when you have a latex allergy or sensitivity problems.

Polyisoprene gloves: The another popular gloves are polyisoprene gloves. These gloves are often used by doctors with latex allergy. But, polyisoprene gloves do not include the protein as in latex gloves, therefore gloves made from this substance are not comfortable to the surgeon when they wear while doing any operation.

On the other hand, these pieces of glove are more costly than the rubber gears.

Neoprene gloves: Doctors with latex allergy can also consider wearing neoprene gloves while doing operations. They are cost-effective than the gloves produced from polyisoprene. It is also produced synthetically as in polyisoprene.

But most surgeons avoid using this product as they are not elastic in nature, therefore difficult to wear.You can also go through this post to save money with buying medical supplies online.