Various Advantages Of CNC Machining

As we know that CNC stands for computer numerical control machining. These machines operate various machine parts such as lathes, routers, grinders, shapers, mills etc. The control operation here is carried out by computer instead of a human operator.

CNC machine is more precise and exponentially faster. Multitasking can be performed by CNC machining services.


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The computer which controls the machine is not an average desktop computer. The CNC brain is located in the console and it is programmed with “G-code”. “G-code” is coding that is specially written for CNC machine.  The code has certain elements which do following things such as control over feed rate, coordination, speed, and position.

With help of this code, the machine can produce precise, consistent parts that further end up as products.

CNC machining generally works with high-speed that results in expedited production, customization, and several opportunities.

Few benefits of CNC machine are given below:

  • With CNC machining, precise and consistent part is manufactured whereas in manual production the production is not consistent
  • Here the specification and design are taken form compatible software programs
  • CNC machine can be operated continuously in order to meet demanding deadlines
  • It updates automatically with the latest programming
  • Here less labor is required to operate the machine
  • Such a machine require less maintenance
  • CNC machine has more capability

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CNC machining has a large number of application for material like aluminum, carbon and stainless steel, titanium, brass, castings, plastic, wood, gold, silver.

There is many metal fabrication Sydney task that becomes easier and faster with the help of CNC machining. These tasks are listed below:

  •    Boring
  •    Contouring
  •    Cutting
  •    Drilling
  •    Engraving
  •    Facing
  •    Grinding
  •    Grooving
  •    Knurling
  •    Lathing
  •    Milling
  •    Punching
  •    Shearing
  •    Shaping
  •    Stamping
  •    Tapping
  •    Texturing
  •    Threading
  •    Turning
  •    Welding

This shows that with CNC machining, it is possible to manufacture any part or tool that required in business