What Is A Pool Dome?

Buying a Pool Dome to protect your pool is a great idea to go with. A pool cover can also be used to cover the pool but with pool dome, you can save a lot of money. A pool dome is similar to a huge tent that is placed over the pool. With the pool dome, the use of pool can be done in any kind of weather for example in the winter season. This shows that the swimming period is extended with the cover.

It is considered one of the best ways to keep the twigs, leaves away from the weather. There is no headache of cleaning the pool. It further saves a lot of time as low maintenance is required.


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Pool related accidents are reduced as the entrance is sealed. With the pool dome, you get an indoor swimming experience.

In some special pool dome, there is the use of solar energy in order to heat the pool water. Such pool dome are also known as solar pool dome. The frame is high above the water so that it is easy to swim even when water is heating in the pool.


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With the solar pool, dome air is also heated along with the water in the dome. If the temperature outside the dome is 40 or 50 degree then it will be 80 or 90 inside the dome.  The material that is used for making dome can block UV rays. UV rays have a great impact on the body part it can cause skin and eye damage. Pool enclosure further ensures that there is no tanning due to the sun rays. You can click here to know more about the swimming pool enclosure.

Before buying a pool enclosures make sure that all your conditions are satisfied related to pool enclosure.  Buy an enclosure which best suits to your pool.