Why Farmers Use Sensors?

Some farmers use the sensor as standard equipment in AMS, but other farmers have deliberately invested in sensors to improve estrus detection and disease or to obtain information about the health and fertility of their livestock . Some studies show that oestrus detection performance can be improved with the use of sensor systems. The saber SCC sensor system can detect about 80 to 85% of cows in estrus, while the visual method detects only 55% of cows in estrus

So far, research on sensor system has been focused on the development of sensors and detection performance. The use of the sensor system can increase estrus and detection of disease.

It is not known, however, whether the use of the sensor system also improves health measures and production, such as the average days to first service and average SCC.

Therefore, it is not clear whether the use of sensors SCC increase the average herd SCC, and whether the use of the sensor system for the detection of estrus within days on average lower for the first service of the flock.

Previous research showed that the detection of estrus normative higher resulting in a shorter calving interval. but empirical studies on this effect does not exist.

Perhaps, the use of the sensor system increases the production rate of milk from the herd as well, since it is known that the calving short-result intervals in milk production is higherand that the SCC high causes loss of milk production. Increased milk production by AMS has been observed, and this is because the AMS can be facilitated more than two milkings per day. It is not known whether the sensor system in AMS result in any additional milk production over the effect of increasing the frequency of milking.