Why You Should Embrace Google Places SEO

The coming months will no doubt witness major changes in the way that Google presents local search results using Google Places. You see, thats because Google is going more local than ever before. But, for the savvy web master, this will be an opportunity for your business to capitalize on, and let Google work in your favor.

As a full-service Google Places SEO firm that has helped hundreds of satisfied clients, we implement our SEO for Google Places with the utmost care and dedication. So, how does our Local Map Fusion achieve such excellent results? Well, heres what we do.

Create External Google Places SEO Citations

This step in the process is recommended long before your Google Places Page is even established. We post citations immediately upon beginning a Google Places SEO campaign.

Index Your Citations

Most citations will be indexed quickly according to the parent website’s trust factor. But, like most things in SEO, this is not always consistent, and it is best practice to add some weight to your citations anyway by backlinking them. We do this by creating 15-25 backlinks to your citations to boost citation search marketing value.

Get Reviews

We are convinced that Reviews within Google Places will have more and more weight attributed to them. We believe this because Google is doing a good job of telling us they matter by prominently displaying reviews and giving them more screen space.

During this time in your Google Places SEO plan, it is important that you also acquire reviews on other smaller directory sites as well. Try to get ten or more reviews on each site during your Google Places SEO campaign.

So, to recap, here are some of the most important factors to consider

1. Do not overuse keywords in the category section; this will get you banned.

2. You needn’t include your city in the category section. Google already knows where you are.

3. Use a local number with a local area code in all Google Places SEO practices. This appears to make a difference as Google is attempting to weed out black-hat Google Places SEO practices.

4. Use a real business address, and verify that the business is located in the city for which you are trying to optimize.

With a Google Places presence you can finally start seeing firsthand why so many successful companies have chosen to optimise and build their presence. Dont be left behind.!