You should know about Russia Visa

Obtaining a Russian visa is a lengthy and complex procedure that involves a lot of paperwork. Unlike most countries, the Russian visa requires a letter of invitation as a rule of law. This is a mandatory document to begin the visa processing and no applications are entertained without this.

You must apply for a Russian passport through the Russian tourist visa agencyand not at the Consulate. And this process applies to all types of visas for Russia such as personal visas, travel, business, students, employment and more.

Obtaining a Russian visa cannot be considered a task that cannot be reached in the blink of an eye. Actually, this is a simple procedure. All you need to do at the outset is to verify the requirements for what type of visa you need. You can go online and access the Visa Center website. And then fast online research will give you the right link for your country.

If you live in the US and want to apply for a Russian visa, you must visit The next step is to collect all the required documents from and fill out the application form. Make sure you don’t print the form so you can fill it in by hand. If you do that, it will not be accepted at all. You must fill out an online form because you have to do it.

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If your documents are printed electronically, they can be printed and then submitted. When the application process is in progress, you will also be given a user name and password so that you can enter the required link and do what is needed. Don’t forget to save your username and password or if it doesn’t, there will be a problem for you if the electricity goes out or your system has some technical problems.

It is a must for you to consider the tips mentioned below if you want assistance with how to complete your visa application online.

You must ensure that the destination, travel dates and organization details that invite must match the details mentioned on the invitation or tourist voucher.

If we talk about questions about the number of countries you visited in the past decade, you must ensure that you only mention and only countries that have been stamped in your passport (official travel documents) on arrival or departure.